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“What is it that you are doing on this earth?
What is the purpose of your birth?
Could it be that you are just here randomly?
Or is it for The Divine to see
All of its various components
Of love and love’s opponents?

You provide the window in which We are seen
And if you see Us, what does that mean?
What are the implications of Divinity being known?
Is it for Us just to sit on a throne?

It is for the enablement of expansion
Where stagnation is not held at ransom,
As the infinite never ends,
Even if you can’t perceive what’s around the bend.

And so you go about your day,
Perhaps thinking it is all for play,
But in this puzzle you play your special part
And your purpose was stamped right from the start,
Before this realm even came into existence,
And so this unfolding will continue with persistence –
It is up to you whether you hold resistance.
But We are within you, yearning to shine
And in this shining life can be so sublime.

By being true to your light, you offer salvation
To every race and every nation
As you do not exist in isolation
And you ripple out in Our vibration.
That is what enables the transmutation
Of this realm of physicality to one with no fear
And, rest assured, the time is near
When there will be the transference to an alternate realm
With the marching band at the helm.

And who is this marching band, if not you?
And is there anything that you must do?
Nothing more than to be in your light
And lay down your resistance in the fight
Of your own internal struggle
And the rummaging through the rubble
Of all of your parts you’ve left behind
And what you can process with your mind.

You will march ahead and sing the song
That love was within you all along.
It is only by turning to it with attention
That withholding it releases its suspension.

You are not here in vain
And you think you have come to release your pain:
Indeed, it is the by-product of alignment,
Where you release your inner tyrant.

It is time to come to know your purpose,
Where you not only affect your family
But you transmute humanity;
Where you open the gates of Our loving grace
So that Divinity shines in every face.

Thank you.”

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