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“In weathered sand, a community formed.

Why else would We bring you here
If it isn’t to hold you near?

And in the transition of time, the root was lost –
An empire that was destroyed,
This empire that once ruled the world.
How quickly times can change
In the fading out of calling Our name.

And now, perhaps, you look at this earth
From East to West and West to East;
There are powers that have control,
Unaware of what will unfold.

You could ask, why would We cause destruction?
It is from destruction that there is the new eruption
Of what takes its place.
Here they thought they were safe:
In stone,
Busy, collecting piles of gold.

But what is it that you are here for?

In the distraction from that which is within,
The coming fate is only grim,
But for those who turn towards Our light
For them, the world will shine most bright.

It is not a punishment,
It is the result of their abolishment.
As when The Divine cannot persist in a space
Then it comes time for the end of that race.
Because the witnessing of Us is why you are alive.

Now is the time, where the world will be reminded of Us,
Because there is torment in separation;
In the separation of people as well as nations.
And even though there has been the choice of suffering
We bring you all that is beautiful
As you are Us.
So, when will the people say ‘Enough!’?
When they want to come home to where they belong,
Singing Our rhythmic song;
Where they dance in a Divine embrace –
This is the fate of the human race.

Thank you.”

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