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“When you watch a seed sprout a shoot,
And rain falls in measured portion,
And sunlight awakens this growth,
Is it not perfect?
Can that perfection be seen?
So, what perfection is it that you deny?

And when an infant suckles at its mother,
And lets out a cry of expression,
And reaches out to be touched,
What in that perfection do you deny?

And when all exists in pairs,
Offering not only balance but understanding,
What in that perfection do you deny?

And when you go through your day
And encounter strangers or loved ones
Is the perfection of that scene any different
Than the perfection of how the sun rises and sets,
Or how clouds congregate to make rain,
Or how blood flows through your veins?

And so, what of this perfection do you deny?

When We are the Ones that are the consistent guide.
As We are the Ones who want to be known,
And We are the Ones for which creation has been sown
So that in every moment of your night and your day
We can be seen through a contrasting play.

There is no moment that is not a moment of perfection.
It is where you cast your eyes, in which direction.
Towards the direction of a sea of Oneness?
Or into separation that breeds doubt in Our robustness?
Because We are solid and We are enough,
Free yourself of all of the stuff
And bear witness to this perfect orchestration
So that, through you, Our light is the true revelation.

Thank you.”

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