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"Pitter patter,
Flitter flatter,
The heart beats out what doesn't matter
And retains within it
Our solid force.

Perceptions you will come to shatter
And your faces, people tend to flatter
But what's outside of you doesn't matter.
What's important is the latter
That will come to you in a swooning mist
Better than you've ever been kissed.
Behind you, you leave all the twists
And your presence is within Our midst.

You could go back to that old song,
The drum that you've been beating all along,
And We would say, perhaps, that's wrong
When We strike so loudly a powerful gong
That leads you forward to Our light,
Never to be taken from your sight.

Don't hold it too hard,
Don't squeeze it too tight,
Allow it to flow with Our might
And in this flow there is no fright;
All what's left is what feels right.

So get ready now to sing Our song.
This is where you belong.

Thank you."

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