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"To question if you are worthy of Our love
Assumes that We only float up above
But We also flow through your veins,
Even if We leave no stains.
Our presence within you always remains
Through your bliss, or through your pain.

Our love is what is constant,
Our love is what is constantly true,
Even if you want to define it as new.

And in the passing of time, there has been confusion,
Perpetuating a delusion
That We are something separate.
This understanding leaves you desperate
To reconnect with what you know;
To live a life of blissful flow.

Perhaps it is time to clarify the definitions
That result from perspectives or positions
Of how a species understands God.
It is time, perhaps, to lift the fog
So that there is no denying Our light
That shines through everything in sight.

Our love is the binding glue
That even flows through you.
And even if you have been taught to feel unworthy,
Recognizing Our light will keep you sturdy
In all the trials and tribulations.
Our light in your heart, is the affirmation
That We are the true Oneness of all.
Perhaps it’s time: humans hear Our call
To know through the feeling of experience
That leaves no room for delirium
Or confusion about Our love
That not only flows from the highest point above
But also flows in the darkness of despair
And flows in all that seems unfair
And flows in the wind and the rain
And flows in fear and in pain
And, most importantly for you to know,
It is with Our love, this realm We've sown.

Thank you."

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