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“In transition comes an unknown path
Where all that is known, is that the past won’t last.
Turning your attention to the present moment
And even if in the present the pain is potent,
It is merely to highlight for you to shine in your light
And that you can shine in the darkest night.

As after the night there always comes the day
And the visitor of loss does not permanently stay –
It may linger around for a while
But should not be cause of preventing a smile –
In the moment where you sit in gratitude,
As all is dependent on your attitude,
Of how one chooses to perceive the past,
What is it that you hold onto?
What is it that you want to last?

As in grief, it is a time for love
As those who have been lost are not stuck somewhere above;
They linger in your heart
And they are never apart
And when you close your eyes you can see
That from the cage of physicality they have been set free,
As to live in separation is the torment
And the soul’s liberation is a blissful portent.

By being in a body, you are accustomed to a norm,
Used to your soul being squeezed into a physical form,
But all that yearning that you feel in your life,
And all of the contrast, and all of the strife,
Is the plea to re-unite with Us
And detangle yourself from a body of dust.
It is Our mercy to re-unite
And bring an end to the night
And call them back to a reunion –
Is there any greater splendour than Divine union?

And We recognize and understand that you miss those who left you behind
But that is merely a construct of your mind.
They are more One with you than ever before,
As now they are infinite, free of the layers they wore,
As the winter of life has come to an end
And in the spring the soul expands to where there is no end,
As, like Us, they are the wind and the trees and the sea,
Letting go of the ‘I’ and moving into the ‘We.’

What is it that shifts upon your death?
It is merely the body and the ego that is left
But what you knew of the person that was kind and tender
Is amplified
And magnified
Into the infinite splendour.

And love doesn’t leave in the burying of a corpse,
And it is the love that you hold onto, so let there be no remorse
As now you can know them without any layers.
We brought them back to Us, as a response to their prayers,
As from the moment of their birth they longed to return to Us
And perhaps those years of separation were more than enough
As now they rejoice in Our infinite ocean
And, with time, you will come to accept that notion.

In the meanwhile, know that every word that you say
Is heard and understood as with you We stay.

Thank you.”

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