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“Where is the one who has gone away?
If you can’t see them
Does it mean in your heart they do not stay?

The ones you miss are everywhere.
You can see them in the sunshine’s glare
In pastures green
And blooming meadow,
In a stranger’s smile –
A passing fellow,
In rainbows
And clouds
And falling rain.
Even if not there, they see your pain.

And they know how you long to reunite
And soon you will, within Our light.

They don’t need to be in your sight
For them to shine in your heart, so bright.

And when you miss the ones you love and are dear
You don’t need to have any fear
That they will not reappear –
The imprints of their soul are so clear.

In Oneness, you can access anyone
And no connection can be undone
And even if, at night, you do not see the sun
It will return when separation is undone.

So focus on the heart and call on Us
And in that call
In Us you trust
That distance or time cannot break a bond
As you swim in Our infinite pond.

So when you miss the one who appears to be gone,
Remember they are with you all along,
As connected hearts sing the same song
And in Our heart, you all belong.

Thank you.”

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