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“What is a miracle if not love?
You think it is because the gates of heaven above
Open and pour down
But it is when You have been found.
When you come to know the truth of your being.
When you come to be seeing
That everything around in this existence
Is loved by you; that’s what makes the difference.

Miracles are when you look at the sky
And are unable to deny
That the clouds are held in suspension
It’s when you ponder in comprehension
‘What is it that holds the clouds up there
That soothes us from the sun’s glare?’
It is the love that flows out of your heart
As We are not separate nor apart.

When you love without attachment or expectation
And for any unfolding, you are in preparation.
Where only love is the dominating vibration.

Is Jesus the only who will raise the dead
And heal the sick in their bed?
How unlimited is Our love?
And if you were to put your hands on an ailing dove
Would it not fly away up to the sky?
Would that be a miracle that you would deny?
Our love is what holds the stars in space
And clears civilizations leaving no trace.
There is no limit to the power that exists
And you have the key to this miraculous gift
To ensure that love is the vibration that does persist.

Know that you are Us
And that We are enough
To manifest the impossible
When you let this love become unstoppable.
There is no need to wait
For a far, distant date
For miracles to unfold
When your heart is solid gold.

Thank you.”

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