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“Within, there is the question of manifestation
And how to enable a wondrous presentation –
Is it all fixed in Our presentation?

And what appears to be outside of you
When taking a walk in the morning dew
Is a reflection of what radiates out of you,
As you can see this morning walk in awe,
Marvelling at everything you saw;
Or you can see it as a duty and something grim
As if you are looking through a window that is dim.

The scenes have already happened,
Created with a limitless ration
Of dust, energy and love,
So that one can marvel at what’s above
But also at that which is within the heart
As you and Us are never apart,
And what is outside of you is just a mirror –
You allow it to be dim or to shimmer.

Manifestation is not about creating things,
It is about the awakening that it brings,
As when presented with physicality
You come to know the reality
That Divinity pulsates out of your heart,
As We have been with you from the start.

And in every pulsating heartbeat
Your vibration and love meet
In an astral plane that enables the orchestration,
As what’s within you is in relation
To everything that is outside of you –
A mirror so clear, that is true.

And what is this vibration that you offer?

Do you understand the vibration that you offer?

It is light that is yearning to pass through your shadow
But your layers are what make the pathway narrow
And then the manifestation reflects the distortion
As the discomfort outside of you is in proportion
To what it is that you hold within –
All the baggage that keeps you dim.

And if you are seeking to live a wondrous life,
Let go of the notion that you must live in strife
And come to know the light within your being
So that, outside of you, that is all you are seeing,
And bring yourself into neutral alignment
And your experience will be moulded with perfect refinement
As a reflection of how brightly you shine –
Your light, throughout space and time.

Thank you.”

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