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"It is easy to love those who are beautiful,
It is easy to love those who make you comfortable,
Those who lift you up,
But does love have a boundary
In those who are worthy and those who are not?

Embody the capacity to love the 'unlovable'
If you like.

And do you need to love from close up, or from afar?
And if you were to hold them close, would they smudge on you their tar?
Are you not one and the same,
Going through life, trying to escape your pain?

It's easy to love the beautiful
And it's easy to love the kind
But what about the sinful
And those who have lost their minds?
Are they not worthy of Our love?
Are they not part of the sea?
So release them of their shackles, and set them free.

If you like.

Would you like?

Imagine that there is luminescent light, blasting light radiating out from the heart.

Then you say:

‘I choose to love unconditionally, to love the one who is considered unlovable as well as the one who is considered loveable.

I choose to be a tool of Divine Love on this earth and in the cosmos, and in being of service it will be blissful, and I will be protected, and it is effortless, and only enhances my light and life.

And I choose to take the example of those who came before me, and compound upon it in the intensification of vibration of that which radiated before me.’

It doesn't need to be the same way as was done before; you do it in your own way, on your own journey, in your own style. But show love to the unlovable, because who else will?

If you like.
And you are safe in doing so, you will always be safe in doing so when it is with clear intention. When it is with clear intent.

Thank you."

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