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“Radiance breaks through in the dawn
And in the hearts of men love is spawned.
And through millennia they have been shown
The seeds of love that We have sown.

The taste of it is oh so sweet
But in trying to communicate it: only defeat.
Because Our love cannot be spread with words
Or through the following of a blinded herd.

How then can one experience this?

How is it that one can taste Our bliss?

It is in the ripples of Our breath that flow from your heart
And the conscious awareness that We are not apart.
Not through the mind, or a mental construct.
Belief of what is true will only obstruct
The flow of Our infinite river
Where every part of your being will quiver
In a dance of celebrated delight
In the knowing that, in fact, there is no fight
When one allows themselves to taste Our grace
And recognize The Divine in every diverse face.

We have been within you all along,
Singing the words of a glorious song
In the hope that you would step into this beat
Instead of focusing on the outside, where you tend to retreat.
As the love that you have tasted is like a grain of sand,
Even if you are the marching band.
So much more to experience when you allow the flow,
And then love, is shaped in a way that you could never have known
Before opening the taps of surrender –
The key to experiencing Our splendour.

You want to help the world, but let Us start with you.
It is through your own experience that We are true.

Thank you.”

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