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“Alone in this world you may appear
And perhaps that is everyone’s greatest fear –
Do you not see that We are near
And in Our embrace We hold you dear?

And love is not something that you give and receive;
That is only the way that you may perceive.
Love is merely the recognition of Our light
And allowing it to shine bright.

And the love you may feel for a partner,
The euphoria that comes as a starter,
Makes it all the more harder,
And makes your perception even darker
To recognize that the light is within.

How do you know that if you’re dimmed
If there are no people around
That vibrate in the frequency of sound,
Matching the layers that you hold
From perceptions formed, or things told?

But when you stand in your light,
When you stand in Our light,
All becomes your partner:
Every bee, every bird, every flower,
The evening sun and the morning hour,
The wind that blows gently on your skin -
Then the cup is full to the brim,
As it knows not only are you a cup, but what fills,
And the experience itself, is part of the frills.

How to love another, when they don’t actually exist?
It is in separation that you persist.
No partner is separate from you,
When will you come to know that is true?
They just take their form on your command,
Not on what you demand
But on the command of knowing your light.
So perhaps it is time to step out of the night
And allow yourself to experience day
Where in each moment, you hear Us say
How you are such a precious gift
And through your love, vibration can lift
And dust off the settled layers.
The day when you hear Our prayers.

What is a prayer, if not words of love?

Do you not feel Our love?

Take off the veil and see Our love

And come to know that you are Our love.

Thank you.”

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