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“A radiant star that’s emerged out of the sky,
The light of The Divine that you can no longer deny,
And you will shine this light for all the passers by
As, in your radiance, one can only sigh
In the awe of this Majesty,
As this world is Our tapestry,
Woven with intricate perfection
For you to see your reflection –
That you are the light of God
And in that there is nothing odd.
It is why you have been created and exist:
For the embodiment of Our love and Our mist.

Into the mountains and fields you will go and play,
Knowing that within your hearts We always stay.

Let your light never be forgotten
In your highs, or when rock bottom.
It is The Sustainer of your existence,
So step into your magnificence
And bring in the dawn of a new day
Where the light of God is sunshine’s ray.

Thank you.”

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