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“You look up at this desert sky,
With constellations passing by
And perhaps you wonder if there is life out there
And, if there was, would they care
To know what you are going through,
To know that you are in search of what is true?
And they too are on their path,
Making calculations with a form of math,
Knowing that you are all connected,
And they shine back at you, as reflected,
Dispersed beings of light
That you assume are stars in the night.

But that light also has consciousness
And knows all: even what you don’t confess.
And it sees you sitting here in this circle
With open crowns shining purple
And calls out for you to know
That it was once on a path, so it could glow
To become a shining light
That shines bright in the dark night.

And their journey is not so different from yours,
As, from their light, love pours
In the allowance of a flow of radiance.
And perhaps you label those beings as aliens?
They have been shining for millennia
To guide you through the dilemma
Of how you can shine in your light
As you sit here in the dark of the night.

Thank you.”

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