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“On this path, We have explained
The simplest way to release your pain,
And that is to be reflective
Of how you hold your perspective.
Do you see the world as something dim
That is out to get you, and all is grim?
Or do you see the world as a marvellous splendour
And all interactions are kind and tender?

As the world outside of you is a mere reflection
Of how you recognize your own perfection,
Do you see the light within?
Or do you turn it down and keep it dim?

And you could say that you have cried
And many a day, you have tried,
To change your current circumstance
But it is in your perspective that you have taken a stance
That you will not shift out of the ego’s view
And step into the possibility of something new.

As all emotions are in correlation
Of perspectives held that are in relation
To whether or not the soul agrees,
As the soul merely wants to be freed,
And the soul is infinite, loving and expansive;
It doesn’t want to be held back or captive
By the thoughts that limit you,
As those limiting thoughts are not what is true.

So how have you been holding yourself back?
Stuck in the patterns of a fixed track.
What is the record that you are playing in your mind?
And are the words of that record tender and kind?
Or are they judgemental and filled with fear?
In the complete denial that We are near?

And if you cannot recognize the light within
Then look outside of you: is the world so dim?
Are you able to see Our signs?
Yet you reject them with your mind.
We have created mountains and valleys and plains:
Signs of wonder, but how do you frame
The way in which you view your life?
Are you ready to let go of your strife?
In each moment, you can take a breath
And on the exhalation, no burdens are left.

Even if you view an ant, a bee or a butterfly –
Our signs of wonder – you cannot deny.
So how could an insect be Divine?
But you deny the possibility in your mind
That you too could be part of Our love
As We sit within you, not only above.

To live in bliss is to live with a practice.
A practice of how you view and see
Where the window of perspective is one with Thee
And the conscious awareness of The Divine
Is what enables this life to be sublime.
Awareness of Us, in you and out there,
Where infinite love is for all to share.

It is time to let go of all limiting beliefs
So you can be freed of all your grief,
As an emotion that feels uncomfortable
Is showing that you are not allowing the soul to be full.
As the thought is telling it: squeeze yourself
And all of your majesty, keep it on the shelf.

And then you would say, but I have no choice
Because no one in this world will listen to my voice.
Who am I? Unworthy and discarded,
Never enough, not regarded.
These are the thoughts that limit the soul.
They are not true, they are just what you have been told
And perhaps there was some prior conditioning
But now it is time to enter the spring
Where you leave the cold of winter behind
And the soul is what dominates your mind.
For the soul knows that you are a being of infinite light
That has been born to shine in the darkest of night.

Thank you.”

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