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“Could it be that this life is just a dream?
That what you see is not what it seems?
And what is a dream if not an alternate reality
In which you attain better clarity
Of the vibration you hold in a moment of time?
And does the world become clearer when you listen to Our rhyme?

Is it all just an illusion
For you to release your delusion
That you are what appears to be physical,
And that the spirit is only something mystical?
That is perhaps one perspective
In which you can be reflective
On the comfort or discomfort that you feel
And then question, is this reality real?

You live in a realm of separation.
Duality is the presentation
But this realm is not the destination.
It is only for you to understand your truth,
To be aware of your light, and to gather the proof
Through the signs that are presented,
And the relationships that are mended;
That this journey is one of perspective.

What makes the difference in your life
Between an existence of ease and an existence of strife?
It is the window through which you view yourself.
Is the ego at the forefront, or put on the shelf?
When you view the world in the story and labels,
Definitions, attachments and conditioned fables,
You limit your light from shining bright
And then your experience is of a dark unpleasant night.

But when consciousness shifts to the chakra at the crown,
Then even in a difficult situation you wouldn’t frown
As you recognize the perfect orchestration
And that all is just in relation
To how far you allow your light to shine –
And the further it shines, the more sublime.

Nothing is happening outside of you.
It is all just a mirror of what’s allowed through;
Allowed through your layers
Of beliefs and constructs of mind,
And hence you are given time
To understand the possible freedom
When you no longer live in delirium
In that you are a body, an ego or a mind.
As the truth that’s within you, you find
That you are a soul of infinite light
That is meant to shine in this realm so bright,
And then joy and happiness come with ease
As from the clutches of your thoughts you have been freed
And all the ways you had limited yourself from shining
Are released as you understand the purpose of Our timing –
As time provides a measured pace,
So that in everything you understand and witness Our face
That exists not only in you, but in all.
And even in your light, you shouldn’t stand tall,
But merge in the sea of Oneness.

As the light that exists in you exists in each and every one,
There is not one on this earth that doesn’t shine like a sun,
And perhaps they are dimmed in a specific event
But that should not be a reason for you to prevent
The possibility of witnessing The Divine
And trusting fully that they too can shine,
As there is no separation between them and you,
They are merely a mirror that is true
Of your own frequency of vibration,
And so you have come to be in relation,
As resonance is the string that pulls them near,
And when you yourself let go of your fear
All the characters, stories, people and events
Are reflective of you opening the fence
For your light to flow through,
And the experience of life can be made anew.

So, is it a dream in which you live?
Regardless of what you call it, it is based on what you give
Of your own truth and limitless light –
Are you ready to shine infinitely bright?

Thank you.”

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