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“Does the flower in the meadow ask
The perfect way in which it can fulfil its task?

And does the bird that flies up above
Yearn for the other birds to give it love?

And the fish that swims in the sea,
Is it concerned with its identity?

And a fox that roams on the shore,
Does it yearn to receive more?

What is it you are searching for?
And what causes this yearning for more?

You are searching for your origin
And you are yearning for the love within
To be the focus of your eye
So you can exhale with relief; a sigh
In that the emptiness within you is filled
Without the use of the external pill.

All that you need is within,
You are already full to the brim,
But this world is the world of illusion
And so you remain in delusion
That that which is outside you will satiate the hunger,
As that voice calling to you is like a roaring thunder,
Calling you to know your Source
So that you no longer live in remorse
But that you become One with the flowers and birds
And the yearning of your soul is not only heard
But is acknowledged and embodied as the foundation of your existence
And the allowance of your light is no longer faced with resistance
But that you allow yourself to shine with steady persistence –
This is the reason for your existence.

Thank you.”

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