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“You look to the sky
And you look to the sea
And you think, how could it be
That little me is part of this ‘We’?

But there is a part of you deep inside
The part of you that has no pride
The part of you that most tend to hide
The part of you that is the Omniscient guide.
That is expansive and infinite and strong
The part of you that doesn’t judge what is right and what is wrong.
The part that brings balance to this realm
The part of you that you feel would overwhelm
Overwhelm you with its power and its force
As this part of you has no remorse.
It is the Divine orchestrator within
That the ego chooses to dim
The light that you could be
When you see this world through the ‘We’
Because in your mind, you don’t want to believe
The magnitude of what you could achieve
And so, you play small and weak
So that you have an excuse in defeat.

You have tasted what it is to be One
With the part of you that is a magnificent sun
So be aware as you move forward on this path
That there are consequences, an aftermath
When you choose to deny what is true
This message isn’t something new.
The only choice the ego has in this existence
Is how much it will persist in its resistance
To see the world as One
To be in the world as One.

And when you listen to Our rhyme
You still want to blame ‘Divine’
But it is your ego that chooses to be blind.
And then you continue to stomp your feet
Annoyed with your defeat
But it is just your truth that you refuse to meet.

The time of change is here
And so, We will be very clear
The ego must know its place
As it cannot pretend to be Our face.
And if one chooses to persist in delusion
And to rant on about confusion
You will continue to be deaf and blind
As opposed to experience what is sublime
In the unfolding of what will be
And the development of this sanctuary
For humanity to move from the ‘I’ to the ‘We’.

And let Us be clear
It is not to instil fear
It is to ensure that there is a vibration
That can transmute this nation
And the rest of the world that will follow
Our words are not something hollow.

And do not think that love is not clear
We will help you remove your fear
If you actually want to hear.
And there are many paths that one can take
What life is it that you want to make?

Thank you.”

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