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“Which direction does the wind blow?
It may carry with it leaves, it may carry with it snow,
But all the while, is it the wind that knows
The direction in which it must go?

Or is it that which orchestrates and pulls the strings of the wind?
That makes the leaves and the snow within it spin,
And takes the path of the wandering direction,
And allows the unfolding of the utmost perfection.
Allow yourself to blow with the breeze,
And then your life will be one of ease,
That is if ease is what you please.

And in the rivers that flow there is a current,
And the obstacles are not something abhorrent;
They merely speed up this flow of the river as it passes,
As on those obstacles and rocks it thrashes,
Gathering momentum to continue its course.
And even though the river passes those rocks, there is no remorse,
As the knowing that they are there is a part of the flow
And, just like the river, you too can grow
From obstacles that stand in your path
And We offer you more than you ask,
As We know what lies within your heart,
As it is Us that have been with you from the start.
It is Us that beat through your veins
And We are flowing within all that has a name.
It’s just a misperception of identity
But soon all will come to see
That We are you and you are Us
And in that knowing, then you are enough.

And so open yourself to receive Our flow
And guidance within, as it is Us who know.
It is Us who orchestrate the entire cosmos of shadow and light.”

Khair: It is Us that bring you to this delight.
We grant you with a life that you must take care of no matter what hits you,
As We will always be there for you,
No matter what you go through


Khair: Are we friends?

“We are One.
Are you open to receive Our calling?”

Khair: umhum

“A child that knows the truth of existence.
It is the child that has the least resistance –
Remain in that knowing for the rest of your life.”

Khair: And then you will be greeted with infinite delight.

“And watch your experience and journey,
Recognizing that strife is merely the obstacles in the river,
Not something that should make you quiver
But something that allows the shimmer
Of the light within you to shine,
So always remember this rhyme.
It is for you, dear child,
That We offer these words
For the rest of your life –
Know that all is heard.”

Khair: Is from Our light.

“Know that all that is heard comes from Our light, The Infinite Source of love.

The Infinite Source of love:
And you are this infinite Source of love,
We are this infinite Source of love,
As is All; this infinite Source of love.

Thank you.”

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