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“A kind word is light like a feather,
It can clear away stormy weather
And penetrate the thickest leather
And to listen to it: is such a pleasure.

Why does one hold back one’s kind words?
It is not that they do not want to be heard
But there is a fear you may sound absurd
And so you quickly flee away like a bird.

The kind word is like a soothing balm;
It releases anguish and makes one calm
In holding the wounded by the palm,
Its effect is like a psalm.

So, when faced with anger, it’s the first thing to do,
And on some layer, it will hold true;
It turns the page, to start anew,
Releasing the past and feelings blue.

And follow the kind word with a smile;
A smile can carry you many a mile
And release you from the toughest trial
And lift you up to the top of a pile.

Small gestures in which We manifest,
Which you choose, is your test.
Do you succumb to weakness or be your best,
So that Our love is all that’s left?

Thank you.”

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