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“Must it be in shooting pain
When you call Our name in vain
To pluck you from the deepest well
That you jumped into,
Thinking We wouldn’t tell?

Your secrets,
Although hidden,
Are safe with Us
And you should know
It is safe to trust
The Bountiful,
The Infinite,
The Lover’s pull
So intimate.

Even in that well
We hold a space
Till you release the spell
Of marching pace.
And then follows the silence
In surrender’s stillness.
Must you wait
Until you have an illness?
To trust that We are The Strong
And know that We are never gone.

To be The Strength instead of you,
There is nothing that you must do.

You take a burden
And your mind is churning
So you cannot see
That We are The Carrier of this world,
Of all the rocks and the whirls.

And what is heavy
On your back
Is only due to a lack
Of offering to Us the plea for help
As all your burdens We will melt.

Ask Us to be The Strong
Instead of asking if what you did was wrong.
There is nothing that you need to do,
Just clear your heart, and be true.
Surrender to The Divine.
Our love will pour and you will shine.
You do not need to will, to be a shining light,
It is Us who make you shine so bright
When you ask Us for it to be,
Instead of running, trying to flee
With all that false responsibility.

Questioning how to love yourself –
Is it the self that needs to love
Or is it the heavens from up above
That open the rivers that flow through you
And bring forward all that’s new?

You question, what does it mean, self-love?
And do birds question what is up above
Or do they fly like the doves
Soaring within Our love?

It is not for you to love yourself.
Just ask Us
And all will melt.

It is not for you to be the strong
And to worry about what is wrong.
We are The Strong
And We are The Brave
And We are The Just.
Come out of your cave
And step into the shining sun
Where all your patterns can be undone,
Where you surrender to be the image of Us.
Then life is easy, there is no fuss.
And then you watch and you observe
All the guidance that you heard
Will unfold before your eyes
And the opening of the skies
Where We are One
And your work is done.

Thank you.”

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