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"Between you and Our land is the most dense sea
And yet there will be the unfolding of what is meant to be,
Where light will shine out of every rock
And the love that flows out of hearts will never stop,
And all divides across the land
Will be removed by the marching band.

And the time of darkness has numbered days,
In the release of separated ways,
And humanity will come together
To come and experience Divine pleasure,
And there will be no turning back to the way they were;
Delusion and separation are only a blur.
As they look into the eyes of the one they were disconnected from
They expand to the universe, their limitations undone.

A place to discover the One True Lord
And in that recognition, all put down their swords
As they will come to see they are all One of the same.
And the time will come to let go of duality's game
In the moment where you will all bow down
As they will come to hear Our sound
That calls them into transition,
Where they let go of their position
And the holding onto their labels
And their delirium and fables,
As they will come to witness God,
The Lord of the Realms,
In this you can trust, as it is what We tell.

Thank you.”

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