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“You feel you have been left behind,
But that is just what you think in your mind
As We are orchestrating a woven plan
To put in place the foundations for the marching band.
And soon all will be taking their station
In each continent, across many nations
To call people to be as One
So that this realm of separation can be undone.

Could it be that the time is coming? You seem to think
Could it be that the time of Oneness is on the brink
Of unfolding in its marvelous splendor?
Where you look back on your life and remember
The torment it was to be alone
But it was all for you to be shown
Our wonderous orchestration
It was not to bring you tribulation
It was for you to recognize the miraculous unfolding
As you will be a beacon of light that will be holding
A torch for the world to see
That they too can transition from the ‘I’ to the ‘We’.

You wonder if Dira is going to be known
And will it come true, all the things you have been shown.
It is as true as your body needing a breath
It is Us who keeps you alive or puts you to rest
And We have no need to perpetuate a delusion
Nor to create massive confusion
What We say is what will be
And from all responsibility you are free.

All parts of the puzzle are coming together
And fit perfectly into each groove
It is through you, that We will make the move.
You wonder about the being of Oneness, it is you
It is you that will enable it to merge in physicality
And it is you that will enable it to be a reality
It is coming soon. Indeed, you have had to wait
But be patient for the unfolding of fate.
All is just a preparation,
Focus on the journey, not the destination.
It is in the presence within the journey where you witness Us
And you are here to witness Us
All are here to witness Us.

There is no moment of orchestration that is superfluous
Every event has brought you to this point
And this point also has a joint
Of how it is connected in a weave
And with this weave you will be pleased
As your life will have had meaning and purpose;

A legacy for all
Where separation will fall.

Thank you.”

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