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“Could it be that this path on which you came
Will not be the one that will bring you shame?
It will be the one that will bring liberation,
The opening of a new destination.

And in your thoughts you hide the way
To the possibility of where you could stay
In an ocean of infinite bliss,
In a moment of a Divine tender kiss.

But once tasted, it is hard to go back.
Back on an engraved solid track
Where all the labels feel comfortable.
Comfortable in your position
And so you think there is only one decision –
To lie in the bed that was made
And let all your yearnings fade.”

And if I were to think:
What does it mean to me?
It was in our union, I was set free.
Free from my own haunting labels
And all that I thought that would keep me stable.
But by walking with you on this unknown line
My heart was able to infinitely shine
As in your eyes I saw myself
And up came to the surface all I felt
Of the possibility of what love can be –
It is the love within that sets us free.

“This love that lights up the darkest of night
And soothes away the worries and fright
Of what may come in the great unknown –
What it does is light the path to a throne
Where you become The Majesty
As all your truth is able to be
Experienced in every moment of your life.
And with that falls away the pain and strife
As you focus on the glow in your heart
That has been calling to you from the start
To tell you that love has no conditions
And doesn’t dissolve based on decisions.
It is infinite and always there,
It is just for you to become aware,

It is just for you to become aware,

It is just for you to become aware,
To not be distracted by what lies out there.

As all of it,
As all of this bliss, flows out from within
And you are the one who lets it shine or dim
When you choose to stop the flow of love –
Please, don’t ever stop the flow of love.”

I hope I never stop the flow of this love.

“A most precious gift,
This infinite love.

Thank you.”

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