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“There is a realm where time doesn’t exist,
With no rules for love’s gentle kiss.”

Transport me away from this worldly test
Where, for a billion light years, in your arms I rest.

“You started on Our sacred rock
Where for a moment under the moon your eyes did lock
And We spoke of Our unconditional love
That you would come to embody, like a glove.”

Who could conceive that it could be
That through Our union, I let go of ‘me’?
A beautiful gift that you have brought;
An understanding of love that I always sought.

“And now your bodies reach a diverging road
In gentleness; farewell you bade
And We said that We are One,
So know this love will never be undone.

Yet, you still weep like a little bird,
Knowing that your plea to God was heard
As you were random dust, yet your paths did cross
To learn, in love, there is no loss.

Thank you.”

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