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“Will you allow Us to be your eye?

Will you allow Us to be you?

A baby is born and it lets out a cry,
Calling for the return of The Divine's eye,
Calling for the return of its familiar knowing
That it is merely a soul that is consistently glowing.

And the baby starts to see
And hear
And touch
And then starts to wonder: maybe it isn't enough.

As through its senses, it starts to experience
The world outside of it; not as a delirium
But the experience of the world seems to be tangible
And that the life of eternity seems unfathomable.
The baby starts to forget its place
As now it is in the realm of time and space.

And then this baby grows into a child
And emotions and ego start to run wild
And all of its discomfort is calling it to know
That it is indeed the soul that glows.

But it is told,
And conditioned,
And forms the perception
That this world isn't just a reflection
But that the experiences it has are what is true
And, therefore, it must shape its identity anew.

And then this child grows up and falls in love
And for a moment it soars like a dove
But then its heart is broken –
Was that love experience merely a token?

But then they go to the world, searching around,
Looking for the love that they once had found
And in that journey and search they are left in despair,
That their broken heart they cannot repair,
As they look for the Band-Aid, to cover up the cracks
When, all along, the soul is just yearning to come back.

But the person no longer knows their Source
And so, they continue through life on a wandering course
And on this journey, in this travel, there are all the signs
That point them back to that moment in time
Before they entered into this world of separation,
And even if they are lost, the soul is still in appreciation
That there is the perseverance and effort and strife
As one continues to fulfil their purpose in life,
Which is to return, and know what you are,
And that you glow brighter than any star,
And that you are The Lover,
And you wipe away the pain,
And all of your struggle wasn't in vain –
It was to turn your attention back to your light
So you light up the world
And it can shine so bright.

Thank you.”

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