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“Could it be that the ocean is divided in half
So that each one takes a divergent path?

As once the ocean has come together
This union will be forever.

And even if, in physicality, there may be separation
The soul knows it is part of a singular nation,
As the heart cannot be split into two parts,
Even if your lives have different charts.

And so you wonder, then, how to let go of the ache?
As in letting go you thought you would break
Into a million tiny little pieces –
When is the point in which this pain ceases?

It is when you acknowledge that there is no such thing as goodbye.
Pushing the other away, no matter how hard you try,
You can cut the cords and move to a different land
But hearts remain as One and together they will stand
For an eternity,
As you have joined love’s fraternity
Where love is unconditional and not defined by space.
It is not dependent on presence or seeing the other’s face;

It is free from rules and constructs of the mind
And in recognizing this freedom, it is there that you will find
The relief from all the nagging sadness,
The turmoil
And the madness
And you will come to a space of peace and ease,
As from this realm of conditions you have been freed,
As love sits in the realm of infinite Oneness!

It just changes its presentation and form,
And even if that presentation isn’t the norm
You can close your eyes and know in your heart
That, with the one you love, you are never apart
But you are always unified in your glow,
Present in your memories that are there to show
A journey that you walked upon, so that you can find
That love doesn’t sit in the constructs of the mind.

But love inter-permeates everything in existence
And that is why it nags at you with enduring persistence
As it wants to be recognized, and acknowledged, and known.
The witnessing of this love is why this realm has been sown.

Thank you.”

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