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“What is it that heals?

It is love.

As love is the frequency of vibration that holds Divinity,
That allows Divinity to be true,

And what does it mean to love oneself?
It is to know your Divinity,
To allow it to be experienced, known, and witnessed.

That is how one heals:
When you know your light,
When you experience your light,
And when you witness your light.

And love in its dynamic form of golden light is trans-mutational,
Releasing lower-frequency vibrations of debris and shadow –
The limitation of this light that you are.

Allowing the light to shine brightly is trans-mutational.

Love in the understanding that it is a frequency to know The Divine.
Not love in the conditional sense: that I will love you if you do this, I love you because you do that, I love you because of the way you are, etc.

In the loving of the story or the character, it holds the language at the level of the ego.

But love from the heart is the experience of light,
The sharing of light,
The union of light.

And so illness occurs because this light is not known.
This is the fundamental reason for any dis-ease of the soul – because the soul wants to be known.

That is why it is in the body, and if the body is not allowing it, and the mind is not allowing it to be known, then what is it doing in the body?
It won’t want to be in the body and it will fight its way out.
And when the soul fights its way out, it starts to amplify the vibration of the shadow which then physically manifests as a disease, because it wants to be known.

It is a language for you.

Any dis-ease is the denial of your light.

And where illness is in the body, it relates to the function of that illness or system.
Not the system itself, but what the system represents in the area of your life,
As every system correlates to your outer world of experience.
There is a correlation in this language.

So, you cannot see: what do you not want to see?
You cannot hear: what do you not want to hear?
You cannot walk: where do you not want to walk to?
You cannot breathe: breathing is the experience of love, so if you cannot inhale and exhale you are denying yourself love –
Denying yourself knowing your light in this life.

We will do an exercise for healing.
So, focus on the heart chakra in the centre of your chest.

In the centre of your heart, there is a seed of golden light.
This is the seed of Divine Infinite love within you.

The seed starts to spin and become larger and brighter;
It is becoming larger and brighter
And starts to radiate out of you
And your whole body is in this ball of golden light.

It starts to radiate out to those next to you,
The room,
The floor,
The air,
And as far as you radiate, everything turns gold.

And you call on Divine Love to be known to you
You say: ‘I call on Divine Love to be known to me,
I call on The Infinite Love,
The unconditional love,
The love of Source within me
To be known to me.’

And you feel the vibration.

Hold this vibration.

And allow this love to show you your truth.

And feel this light,
This golden light
In your being.

How far do you expand?

Beyond the earth,

Beyond the universe,

Beyond the cosmos.

If you don’t feel well,
Do this exercise, as love heals everything.

Thank you.”

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