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“When golden light takes its stance
Nothing is then left to chance.

How wide could a human heart expand?
Is that heart not in Our command?

To assume it is Us who bellow the thunder
And then one moment rend asunder
And then you lay there in your wonder
That We will not make you bow in surrender?

It is Us who have the key to open the heart,
And it is still there to use when you part,
But every sign that you see around you –
The sun, the moon – all say ‘We found you’,
And the trees sway in the breeze
And Our love puts your heart at ease
When you cry out ‘My Lord, Oh please!’
In humility, on your knees.

Do We need you to bow down?
Do We need fame or fortune within a town?
Do We need you to place on Our head a crown?

Even to you, We will bow down
If that is what you wish of Us,
If that is what will make you trust.

But can you not see Our Majesty?
It is Us who set the slaves free.
We provide to you liberation
And a journey with a destination
And all of your journeys one day will meet
In blasting light or burning heat.

Do you not look to the sky in Awe?
And marvel at what you saw?
As your life unfolds
And the tales are told
And yet you claim that you’re owed more.

And, as the mother suckles the infant,
We respond to you in an instant
As you call to Us, even in vain,
Screaming about all the pain
That you inflict on yourself.
They are not Ours, the cards you are dealt;
You chose which one is your suit
And you follow that intention in pursuit
And We respond with loving grace
In the assumption you will see Our face
In all the signs We provide you with
And all the bounty that We give.
And when you turn your back in your greed,
Disgruntled with an unfilled need,
You point a finger towards your Lord
And say: ‘Why are You punishing me with this sword?’

How long will it take to discover
That you are the one who has placed the cover
On Our light
That shines so bright?
It is not possible to blame another.

That is the truth of your realm,
Where you live;
A hall of mirrors of all you give.
So, remove the covers from your eyes
And with clear sight perhaps you’ll sigh
With relief from a lifted delusion
And all that We have said will be proven.

We are not here to provoke a fight,
We are here to love you and hold you tight.

Thank you.”

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