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“See your ego step out of your light body. Look at your ego in the eyes with gentle loving kindness and you say to it:

‘My love, you are ready
It is time to step forward
It is time to shine
And it is time to move in this direction
This direction of Divine.

It is time to run
You become the sun!
And let the past be undone
As you are no longer limited
And nothing is prohibited
When you are aligned in this light
When you shine this bright.

Come in close
Let me hold you near
As now you know there is nothing to fear
And all that in the past that brought you here
Was for you to know that We are near
And We are One with you
And that is always true.

My love you don’t need to hide your face
It is time to shine out for the human race
And in this light, there shall be no disgrace
As through you, all will see Our face.

You say to your ego:
Get ready now
It is time to give
And fulfill the purpose for which you live
There is nothing that will hold you back
As you are on a destined track
And you think to yourself ‘But I am so small
How can I be enough? How can I stand tall?’
And We say to you: It is not you that will shine
It is this light of Divine!’

Merge this ego completely into you.

Call all versions of yourself from across time and space

‘Come my love
As you are free
Free to fulfill your destiny
And no shadow can dim this light
As now this light shines so bright!

Come now
Come and integrate
Come close , come near
As there is nothing left to fear.’

All the beings come and gather:

‘Come my loves
Come close, come near
As there is nothing that you should fear
I ‘m here to show you of this light
That within you too can shine so bright
As I am here to share this love
That doesn’t only come from up above
But resides in your heart, when you ignite it
But yet you have been conditioned to fight it
And I was conditioned too
And through my pain and fear, I learned what’s true
And if you like, so can you
That this light and love is the infinite
And its expansiveness and mercy has no limit
And it flows in your body, it runs in your veins
In every moment of contrast and pain.
Allow it to be known within your being
So that you too can be seeing
That the denial of it, is what causes suffering
And those that deny it, can go on with their muttering
But each of us has a choice
A choice in our perspective
That we have every right to be selective
And so now you are able to experience it
And understand that it isn’t a gimmick
It is what frees you from every limit.’

And you see every being in this light
So that the white light is the only thing in your sight.

Thank you.”

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