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“You focus on the top of your head
There is a pillar of white luminescent light coming down from the sky, it is entering through the top of your head and lighting up your body;
It radiates out of the heart

Just feel the splendour of Divinity within as you call on Us.

Feel the gratitude for this vibration
This connection
This union
The beauty of this existence
To taste this expansiveness
This divinity
To experience this grace.

Just feel this love, how different it feels from the ego
The ego that is projectile, aggressive, harsh
Just feel the subtle difference in your being, when you are in this union of love.
What wonderous grace
As Our light radiates in your face.

And Our words are like a gentle whisper,
And in the other, their eyes flicker
In the recognition of Divine
Is there any other feeling more sublime?

Express your prayer of what you want
We hear it all,
We know it all
We see it all
But it is for you to know it can be
And will be.
Just feel this love
This wonderous grace
Where Divine lights up your face.

And from your hands radiates a light
That is capable of Our manifesting might.
Allow your hands to reach out to receive
And all can come to you with ease
Just inhale this wonderous grace
As Divine lights up your face.

Know that where you go and walk
And with people who you converse and talk
What is it that you present?
Is it the ego which they come to resent?
Or is it Our expansive gentle knowing
That they too in their hearts are glowing?
And there is no separating divide
The only obstacle is one’s pride.
Just feel this moment of grace
As from within you, We light your face.

And the heart opens heaven’s door
And within this heart, there is infinitely more
It is not the heart that ever rejects
It is the separation that one reflects
So wipe away this wall within
So that We can fill you to the brim.
And enjoy this moment of gentle grace
As We wipe the tears from your face.
And remind you that you are never alone
And that for you, this realm We’ve sewn.
As you are Us, and We are you
Are you ready now to start anew?
A new phase for your life
Where you let go of all of that strife
And allow oneness to be the vibration
That brings to you eternal salvation
As you feel this grace deep inside
That melts away any stubborn pride.

And how could it be that you would not share
The light that penetrates through your stare?
The other doesn’t need to understand
What it is, this marching band.
But they will feel without a doubt
What it is you are talking about
They may not understand the language
Sometimes, We place a bandage
As We do not want them to jump and reject
It is better for them to experience and reflect
And you too can share this grace
Just by allowing them to see Our face.

A kind word, a gentle smile
Calls the far-off soul to run a mile
And come closer to this sun
So separation will be undone.

Call on the being of Oneness to be known to you.

Thank you.”

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