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“A flying bird carries a seed
To its chicks that are in need
And over the ocean it soars.
And on its wings sunlight pours.
And then it reaches a distant land
And the seed falls out into the sand
And in that space there grows a new species,
Never seen before in the land within the deep seas.
And the people come and ask about the tree that is growing,
These new flowers that it is showing:
Where did these colours originate from?
And they think about their own stardom.
How could it be that this unique little seed
Found its way to an island, for people in need?
Offering them the fruits to quench their hunger.
An answered prayer that left them in wonder.

And in a forest, a mouse loses his way
Searching for food, he spends most of his day.
But along the way he reaches a brook
Yet he cannot swim across with all that he took.
And so he leaves his collection on the banks of the river
For the ones who come after, to them We deliver.
As when they come they find all this splendour –
They were not hunting, they were in surrender.

And when you move to the mountains of ice and snow
And a man is climbing and he thinks that he knows
His way through the blistering cold
Even though others shared stories and told
Of how, when climbing this mountain, he should be afraid,
Organize his supplies – like ropes and a spade –
To ensure he is safe in the cold of the night
When no other humans will be in his sight.
And then this man, in the night, looks at the stars above
Shining in the sky, sharing Our love,
Reassuring him that We are not far
And within him is the brightest star.

And regardless of the journey that you have had to take
We shape you and mould you; and perfection We make
So that you can walk in the land and shine your light,
Lighting up the world, like it’s never been so bright.
And you wonder perhaps, what brought you here?
It was Our call to bring you near.
So, open your hearts and accept Our love,
So that you know that We are within you, not just in the sky above.

Thank you.”

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