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“A seed that was buried in the ground
Opened to the life that emerged when it heard the sound
Of Us calling it to rise to the sky
And spread its branches and reach high.
When the seed was down below
It didn’t know how high it would grow
It still wasn’t able to see
The majesty that it would be.
And you have all been buried with layers of fear
At some level, you knew that We were near
And you tried to heal with all of your might
And some days felt like a struggle, a fight.
Other days you felt completely alone
Not understanding this life that We have sewn
But it was all for you to make the space
So that through you, there would be the emergence of Our face.

And it is time, you are ready now
You don’t need to be bothered with the “how?”
It was already all written in the stars
And We will pull to you that which is far
It is not for you to go out and chase
All will come to you with Our grace.
And you wonder how long it is that you must wait
For the full unfolding of your fate.
The waiting was all just for you to marvel
At the gift that you are - as you sparkle.

The force of Our will is greater than what the ego can control
So let the ego sit back and watch what unfolds.
Yes! It is time to be excited
As with what will unfold, you will be delighted.

There has never been a moment where We did not know how you feel
And We do not deny that all that pain was real
It was your armour that caused all the pain for you
The armour of ego and thoughts, preventing what is true
To radiate out of your body with force
So that you sail smoothly on a preordained course.
There is an assumption that somehow the ego can change the story
But that would be denying Our majesty and glory.

It is when you recognize and embody the truth of what you are
That We are within you, not somewhere out far
That the life you yearn for will match in its vibration
And then through Our infinite capacity for orchestration
All that is left is a celebration
Where you are One
One with Us
One with all.

Love Us the way you want to be loved.

You want to be accepted
Accept Us in you.

You want to be protected
Protect Us in you.

We are in you,
Yearning to be seen
Yearning to be witnessed
Yearning to be known.

When you love Us in you, that is when We can be known.

When you know Us in you.

When you know that We are you.

We are the truth of you, not the façade, but the truth.

Thank you.”

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