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“The full moon shines
On a dark night, 

Reflecting that
Which shines so bright.

The assumption
That the moon gives light
Is only
Your perspective of sight. 

It is the sun that shines
And the moon reflects 

So that you may see
The sun's aspects. 

And when there is a shadow
Projected on the moon, 

The release of that shadow
Will come soon.

And in the same way,
When you allow yourself to shine 

The world around you 

Can be sublime.

And when you cover
Your shining light, 

Perhaps what you experience
Is a form of fright
Because inside there is a knowing

Of what must be,
Of what must be witnessed,
Of what you must see. 

There is the knowing

That you shine so bright.
So allow that
To be part of your sight. 

Thank you.”

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