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“Look at the luminescent sky
And the birds that fly up high –
And We have heard your cry
And Our love to you We will not deny.

And the journey of unfolding is in its inception
As We have sown this realm with Our perfection
To be the most accurate reflection,
And for this unfolding We have chosen a collection
Of beings that We will put to task,
As in their journey they had asked
That they experience a life that would always last
And, for that to happen, We remove the mask.

The mask that is the face of delusion
And the mind that seeks things to be proven
And so, there is left only one conclusion –
That the truth of God will be known.
As for that knowing, this realm has been sown
And Our light exists in every stone,
Every particle, every bone.

And you wonder, then, why have you come to this site
On which waves pound with all of Our might?
It is a sanctuary for the anchoring of Our light
And it is time now to transition out of the night
Into a day where the dawn will rise
And the witnessing of God in each other’s eyes,
And in that witnessing one can no longer deny,
No matter how hard one may try.

And on this rock, people will be drawn
To come and witness the sparkling dawn
And to experience a womb of love
That was once thought to reside in heavens above.

And people and beings will come to taste salvation,
And all will be loved without discrimination,
And they will call Our name in every tribe and nation,
And separation will then come to a cessation.

And so We call you on this eve, so that We may ask:
Are you ready now to fulfil your task?
Are you ready now to let go of your mask
And to taste Our love, the love that lasts?

As it is from this rock that you will stand
And sing the song of the marching band
To call out to people from every land
To the unknown cove in the sand.

And then people will come from far and wide
To live in their light and no longer hide
And We are there to be their guide
So that their souls are no longer denied.

And let Us be clear, this is a Divine plan
And We have anointed the marching band
And so, in surrender, you may stand
And witness the light of The Divine unfold
In how We are infused in every mould.
Regardless of what people have been told,
We reside in each and every heart
And We have been within you from the start:
Always One and never apart.

And so, this rock would like to welcome you
And confirm that this plan is true
As since its inception, this rock did know
It would be a foundation stone for souls to glow.

Thank you.”

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