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"Do you imagine a flying dove
As it soars up above,
Carried by a breeze that sways
And, with its friends, it dances and plays?
So simple, perhaps, its existence.
It is not there for persistence,
It is there to be,
To feel free,
With no resistance.

And here you are letting go,
Uncertain of what you know.
All the things from your past,
You thought they would always last.
But now it is time to be reborn
And in that process you won’t be torn
Away from all the things you love,
You will connect with what’s up above.

And in the heart will grow the seed
And in that growing all your needs
Will manifest in the best possible deed.

Having pressure in this flow
Will not allow your soul to glow;
This process should be one of ease
And in that way, you will be freed
Of all the chains that held you down
And all the sorrow that made you frown
And then you’ll shine just like that bird
And all Our whispering will be heard.

And when you listen, you will see
That there is no more ‘me’;
There is only ‘We.’

Thank you."

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