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“If you watch a feather float in the air
It dances around without a care,
Being directed by the course of the wind,
Not wishing that it had been pinned
To a specific comfortable spot
Where it is limited by a single dot.
But it travels freely, knowing
That bliss comes when you’re flowing.

And so how do you flow when you're on this land?
Confined by the label of the marching band,
When you assume that all are watching,
And your every move brings an offspring
Of potential implications
That may hold you in a station
Rooted in the perspective of another,
When they are all just your lover.

And in the understanding of their perspective,
And taking time to be reflective,
You see that they are a Divine gift,
Offering a platform for you to lift,
To lift away the burdens
And to leap over the hurdles,
As under every shadow, there is light,
And in the acknowledgement of the shadow, you can shine bright.

The other is not for you to ignore:
They are your wind, so you can soar.

Thank you.”

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