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“You call on Divine to be known to you
And feel the shift in vibration.

You start to feel the presence of this energy within your body
This presence of Divine.

And is this divinity separate from you?
When you feel it so in your body?
What parts of your being prevent this knowing? this presence within you?

Just feel this energy in the body
As it radiates out of you
How could it be that it isn't true?

In the waiting of months, and weeks, and years
In your moments of joy and new moments tears
How could it be that it isn't true,
That we are always One with you?

Feel Our presence in your body
And breathe in and breathe out.
Feel how Our light is One with you
How could you believe that it isn't true?

When this light is so strong and maintains its force
And orchestrates the universe for your destined course.
In the loss and contrast, We understand the remorse
But deep within you, there is always this force
That offers you strength and a new perspective
That calls you to be reflective
But what you choose to listen to, you are selective
As it may not suit what you want in your mind
And then you blame Us for being unkind
But that contrast is just there to remind
You of Our Infinite Presence calling you back to this connection.

Feel Our presence within you
And know with all certainty that it is true!

Feel Our presence within you
And let go of all doubt in your faith
So that for you the most magnificent life, We will make
Every difficulty is calling you to surrender
And the squeezing of your heart is asking you to remember
That this presence is true
We are always there with you.

Feel Us pulsating within your being!
Isn’t Our love so very freeing?
To know that it is unconditional and always there
And in that knowing, there is no need to care
To care about the perceptions of you
As most of them are never true.

Feel Our presence of love within your being
This love is permanent, it isn’t fleeting
And when you open the portal in the centre of your chest
You know that your mind, you can lay to rest
As We will offer you the most splendid course
Orchestrated with Our Omnipotent Force.

Feel Our presence within your being
And know that this light is your strength within
So, shine in your light, there is no need to dim
As when you know this light, you can be brave
And you can take yourself out of that cave
That you have been hiding in
Denying what’s within.

It is time to come out to the world and share
That Divine is not some man in the sky out there
But that the human is the portal for this force.

Are you ready to be the portal of Our light?
Become the portal of Our light
And let go of the struggle, let go of the fight.
As We offer you Our protection
There is no need to fear rejection
It is not your role to convince anyone
It is your role to enable separation to be undone!

Take in a breath with this knowing
That it is possible for your soul to be glowing
Open the heart and let this energy be free
And you only need to be
Willing to move out of the ‘I’ and into the ‘We’.

Imagine yourself on a horizon with all of the population of the earth in anticipation of this light.

Say to them: ‘Come my loves
Come closer
Come near
As this light isn’t something to fear
As you also have access to this light
I’m not here to put up a fight
I am here to ignite
That light in you
So that you can also know it is true.’

And you observe them as they feel the presence of Our being
And their bodies start to light
It is time to enter the day and leave the night.

Thank you.”

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