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“Fear casts a shadow across the plains.
In the face of fear, egos are slain.

What is it that you are afraid of?
By now, do you not know that there is a God?
And this God knows every thought that passes through your mind
And has been watching you, in every moment of time,

When you choose fear to be the driver of your life
Be certain that each day will pass in strife.
But when love is the vibration for what you see
A magnificent light is what you’ll be.

Fear is what separates you from Us,
It’s the language that you are not enough,
It’s the strings that hold you back,
It’s the logic and presented facts;
But love has no limitation,
It is not limited by prior observation –
It’s expansive and sets you free
And moves you out of the ‘I’ to the ‘We.’

As, when you are One with Us,
That is when you are enough.
That is when you are free to soar
And in your life abundance pours,
As between you and all there is no separation,
There are no attachments or destinations,
Only glory and splendour in the now,
And no need of questioning the ‘How?’

Call on Us and We will respond.

Call on Us and hear Our song.

We will pull you through the sticky tar
And lift you over any bar.
Remember Us in love and gratitude –
It’s the formula for the attitude
That opens up the most magnificent possibility
Where, in everything in this realm, it is Us that you see.

Thank you.”

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