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“If just for a moment, take a pause
From your yearnings, and what draws,
And allow yourself to feel inside
The voice of the Omniscient guide.

It is in-between the breath, that We call,
It is in the pause that We break down the walls
That dim Our magnificent light
From radiating out of you in day or night.

And so, what is it?
What is the purpose for you to fast or abstain
If not to release your burdens and pain?
As We cleanse the inside of every cell
To let go of your burdens that We know so well.

It is in the silence, it is in the pause
Where you come to know that you have no flaws.
All it was was a deluded perception
That perhaps was rooted in the purpose of your conception.

It is when you fast and when you abstain
That all of your limitations are swiftly slain
So that you go out to the world to fulfil your part,
To fulfil your purpose that existed from the start.

It is when you fast, it is when you abstain
That the knowing of The Divine is not just in name,
And every part of your being lights up
And you become the vessel, just like a cup
That holds Our light for all to drink
And you are full right to the brink.

Don’t think if you fast or if you abstain
That your efforts would have been in vain,
It is for you to shine in your brightest light
That shines brighter than the stars on a dark clear night.

It is a way for you to come to know
The extent to which your soul can glow
And it is never about what you have left behind,
It is all about the treasure that you find.
The treasure of life, of being Divine;
No other flavour is quite so sublime.

Thank you.”

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