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“You wonder, where is it that you came from?
What is your Source?
Have you come here to live a pre-determined course?
And what We would say is: that all is already known,
It is just that in this realm you are shown
An unfolding of a sequence of events
That are there to offer the pretence
For the understanding of your inner light
And provide the opportunity for that light to shine bright.

And so who is it, then, that is the creator?
The one that orchestrates this theatre?
Is it you as a refracted spectrum of light?
Or is it The Infinite, the Eternal Light?
What We would say is: both are One and the same,
Offering a different perspective on this game.
But there is no separation between Us and you,
Connected in love, the binding glue.

And when you watch this world from the refracted perspective
It is so that one can be reflective
And contemplate the continuous infinite signs,
Based on the variables of space and time,
So that Our components can be understood
In both events that are considered difficult, and those that are good.

As shadow and contrast is also created through Us
It’s what provides the definition, and the pathway through the rough.
As without the contrast, light would not be known.
It is through the contrast that We are shown.
As this realm exists as one of duality,
These are the fundamentals of your reality.

Is this reality the only one that exists?
It is the one that you happen to resist,
But there are infinite realities beyond what you know,
Where there is the understanding of how Our light can glow.

And so, what is it that brings you into this game?
Is it to gather labels or experience shame?
It is to witness Divinity through its components
And recognize there is no such thing as an opponent.
All are partners in this play,
As within each and every one We stay.

All is just a hall of mirrors
And through dynamic motion We can shimmer.

Here you have come to understand the spectrum of white
That is brought through the amplification and contrast of the night.

Each a unique colour of light,
Each with a special story, a struggle, a fight;
All to know that We are the One who holds you,
The Omnipotent that moulds you,
And you are just Us, watching itself.
You are what keeps Us alive and not on the shelf.
It is through your witnessing that We expand,
But the story is drawn with Our hand.

And to understand what We are may be beyond comprehension,
As processing of the mind enhances prevention
Of experiencing your truth, in that We are One
And that you too are Us: you are the sun
That lights up a cosmos beyond this realm.
Where do you watch the story from? And what do you tell?

Is a cell not part of your body?
In the same way, together you form Our totality.

So, what is the purpose of your life?
Is it to exist in bliss or exist in strife?
It is for Us to be witnessed and known
So that Divinity can be tangible and shown,
As through the expansion of consciousness there is dynamic motion
And movement, and fluctuation of vibration is the potion.

And in the same way that you may inspect your arm or your limb,
And review the thoughts that cause you to shine or dim,
We too want to understand Our components and parts.
You are part of Our being. We are not apart,
You are within Us and We are within you:
Never separate, that is what is true –
As varying perspectives, simultaneously perceived
So that each witness can be freed.

Thank you.”

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