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“The swan’s brood begins to hatch
And amongst them a diverse batch,
Each one yearning for attention –
But it is just their yearning that causes the prevention
Of experiencing the beauty of Our grace.
In each of the diverse batch they can see Our face
When they choose to recognize
That there is a sea of infinite love in each one’s eyes.
Then they can fall into Oneness
In the letting go of prowess.

It is all just part of the experience,
But be careful how long you sit in delirium
Because it becomes so uncomfortable
And the discomfort is merely highlighting the need to be humble,
As it is through the expansion on a horizontal plane,
Not through standing out in the desire for fame,
That the ripples of Our love radiate out,
And then everyone experiences The Divine without a doubt.
It is not that there are words that need to be spoken
And We do not say that the ego should be broken
But only that you see one another’s light
And recognize in each their internal fight.

Everyone comes with their struggle,
No one intends to cause trouble,
So hold each other in a space of love
Even if, at first, you cannot fit this glove.

We have brought you together for the sake of humanity
And in this coming together, you are a family
And We do not expect anyone to be different from what they are
Because We know that you already shine like a star.

Thank you.”

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