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“The child within you that tries to hide,
And at other times, this child runs wild.
What is the root of this child within?
Is it this child that makes your life grim?

There is a part of you that gets frozen in time
And in the splitting off from the complexity of a whole being
The child is no longer seeing
And perhaps, in your mind, you refer to this term
As a part of you that you must burn
But what We refer to as ‘the child inside’
Is the one who enables the shining of pride.

And pride is not a thing of arrogance,
Pride is the allowance of Our light to shine through
As the vibration of pride is rooted in the knowing of light,
And so how does one differentiate between what is pride and its excess of congestion, of arrogance?

From a perspective, there is this notion that pride must be suppressed
But when one is in pride, the ego is at rest.
It is in the arrogance that the ego starts to rise
And then your Divinity is denied.
And so, learn the subtlety of the language
That is highlighting all of your baggage.

And you can consider that the soul is the parent, the one that provides direction,
The one who yearns for introspection.
But the child is the one who is chasing the dream
And gets caught up in all that it is seeing.
Should one aim to make this child go away?
Or perhaps it’s ok to leave it to play?

What We would say is: know the parts of your house
And know the appropriateness of what should come out.
If any part of the toolkit becomes dominant,
Then the life becomes abhorrent.

And in the construct of society, people look to those in power
And marvel at them, like they are a splendid flower,
Or perhaps judge them harshly, while inside wishing it was them.
But you could say that the ones in power are just the example,
A collection of tokens, just a sample
Of what is possible for humanity in its shadow and light
And how there is a transition from day into night
And night into day,
It is all part of the play.

As power is not the oppression of others
It is the allowance of all to be able to hover
In their light
And Divinity
And splendid grace
So that, in each other, you see Our face.

And the ego doesn’t like all of its mirrors,
It only tends to like the ones where it shimmers.
But all of the mirrors are true and clear,
Even if that mirror highlights your fear,
The fear that you are perhaps not loved,
The fear, perhaps, that We only reside above,
Not inside each and every particle of your being –
Is it Us, or is it you, that isn’t able to be seeing?

We know that We reside in everything and all,
Whether you are laying down or standing tall,
But when one tries, in the ego, to rise above the rest,
This is when life turns into a test
As one cannot stand sturdy without the support of all
And that is when the ego will tumble and fall.
In the perspective of the mind, one chooses to elevate themselves
But it is in Oneness that Our love is felt.

And so perhaps there are tales and fables of the ones who are humble
And the ones who suffered and tended to stumble –
Is it humility that enables Our grace?
Or is it to see Divinity in every single face?

There is no one that is better, no one with more purpose,
No one superior and no one superfluous.
Each is perfect and a part of Our creation,
So allow your ego to take its station,
Which is subservient to the soul,
And subservient to Us,
And when your light can shine
Then you are enough.

And how freeing is that feeling: to know that you are One with all?
No need to rise high, no need to stand tall
But just to be
So that all can see
The truth of All.

Thank you.”

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