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"One drop
Two drops
Three drops
Four drops …
When does it stop?
Or does it not?

How many drops do you hold?
Is it limited to what you were told?
Or if you were standing in the cold
Or if you are open to what will unfold?

One drop
Two drops
Three drops
Four drops …
Do the mountains stop being steady,
Waiting to be ready,
To be worthy of this strength,
Traveling high to great length?

Does the sun withhold its light?
Or does it keep shining bright,
Independent of what’s in sight?
It still shines even in the night.

And is the moon not a reflection
Of splendour and perfection?
Hanging in the sky, in a web,
Even if you choose to go to bed.

And do birds not continue to sing?
Flying about in a ring,
Calling you forth to the spring
Where in the water, there’s a sprinkling.

And do the trees not give you shade?
Hanging canopies We have made
In rows and configurations; We have laid
Their beauty – it does not fade.

And the currents of the rivers and seas
Flow in patterns, like the breeze
Licking the world like a tease,
Or forcefully bringing it to its knees.

Is it all not part of you?
An extension of your being so true
It will never present you with a lie.
The truth will not stop till you die.

So how many signs must We show
For you to embody and know
That all is not separate but One
And the Oneness can never be undone?

One drop
Two drops
Three drops
Four drops …

Does it ever come to a stop?
Or are the drops a solid lot?

Thank you.”

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