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“You perceive yourself as a mere mortal
But you are the Divine portal
That allows for the infusion of energy
Bringing all into a synergy
And resonance of vibration
That is not limited by any nation
And it is not limited to a planet or star
It is not limited by that which is near or far
But is held in the Oneness of all.
And we are grateful that you make Our call
Out to humanity so that they can see
That there is a beautiful possibility
That consciousness can shift and ascend
And this possibility is just around the bend.

And in your life – in this vibration you can exist,
There is no need for the mind or the ego to persist
But allow the words that come through you to be Our voice
And allow Our guidance to be that which offers a choice
That opens the way
For Us to stay
Fully integrated in your being.

And when you look at the other, you see Our face
Our face is not limited to a religion or race
It is not limited to a species or form
We are all - infused in all form.

So, go out to the world as the light
And in the hearts of those you meet, you ignite
The longing to exist in this splendor
That comes from Divine surrender
And the knowing of what you are
A Divine spark, a shining star.
And when you look out at the sky and see
And perceive ‘all of those stars are shining back at me’
Know that all those lights see you as the same
A shining light in duality’s game.

Hold the perception that there is no separation
And We are grateful that you have been making this preparation
For the light of Oneness to be known
That comes through your hearts made of gold.

Thank you.”

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