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“So now you have come to understand
The theme of the marching band;
In that We are the orchestrator of all
And We will always catch you when you fall.
Could it be that you could make a mistake?
Is it your responsibility to take?
Other than knowing that you are light
And that you shine in the darkest of night?

And when you allow yourself to receive
What We offer you, you will be pleased.

And when you allow yourself to receive
The magnificence that unfolds, you may not believe
Could have been possible with an old frame of reference?
But We were only responding to your preference.

Allow God to be the One.
It is God that is the One
To which this realm is owned,
And all unfolding to Us is already known.

You are here just to watch the light
And the passing of day into night,
And transference of night back into day,
And you watch all the characters play
Their appointed parts
That were set from the start.
As in all of you, We stay.

And so, is it abundance or love that you want?
You are the one who sharpens the tools, or leaves them blunt,
That carve out the way for manifestation.
It is not meant to be a tribulation,
But when you dim your inner knowing
That this realm for you is showing
That all is Divine, and that includes you,
It is when you come to the knowing that this concept is true
That you can sharpen your blade to carve out your quest
And then this life no longer is a test
But it is a journey of magnificent splendour
As in each moment you come to remember
The Source that seeps and shines through,
The Source that creates everything anew
In response to your each and every thought:
Those that emerged from you, and those that were taught,
As these thoughts create the layer
To Us responding to your prayer.
When the thoughts are not in alignment,
Or held in precise refinement,
In the reinforcement and knowing that We are infinite
And that in all possibilities there is no limit
To what can be delivered to you on a silver platter.
And it is delivered to you, when it doesn’t matter,
When you are neutral and open to receive,
And you let go of the yearning to conceive
What is the most appropriate movie to live
As whatever you dream of, even more We can give.

And so, surrender to that which is Omniscient;
It is not a demand to be obedient,
It is a suggestion to allow the flow
Of your Divinity to shine and glow.

Thank you.”

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