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“Every snow flake that falls
Is unique in its scripture
But when looked upon from far away
They all look like the same picture.

And every grain of dust on the ground
Has settled on its course;
It flows with the wind that takes it,
It doesn’t push its way with force.

And the trees in a forest line up together,
Whispering to one another their story;
In their consciousness, they believe they will be there forever,
Reminiscing on history’s glory.

And the ants march in a measured sequence,
Diligent in their task,
Working together as a collective
Where none of them challenge the authority or ask
What is this authority that lays down the path?
A surrender to the intuitive nature.
A surrender to The Divine Creator.

As everything in this realm has been formed from Us,
The merging of energy and a speckle of dust,
And We are grateful for your endeavour,
And the perseverance through pain and pleasure
To understand Our facets,
As you all are the collective assets
Of a realm that is diverse.
Diverse details in a universe
So that Divinity can be known
And Our light can be shown,
Each one unique from the other,
Held in a bond by its Mother,
This earth that We have made secure,
The contrast in which you endure.
But if We made you all one and the same
What would be the point of this game?
Witnessing Us would cease
And all would have the same belief
But We are not limited to a single perspective
And this diversity allows you to be reflective
Of an infinite and boundless wonder
Up to the point when all is rent asunder.
And then all will come back together as One
And this realm of diversity will be undone.

Thank you.”

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