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“Disease –
It is when the soul has lost its ease,
Aching to be freed.

And there is a language for the physical being,
So that in every area of your life you are seeing
The extent to which you are in your light,
And if you are allowing that light to shine bright.

And every illness has a reason,
Rooted in the threesome
Of the emotions, the mind and the soul,
And to align the three is the goal.

As when emotions are held within
The soul’s light can only dim.

And the emotions themselves arise
When your mental thoughts deny
The knowing that you are light,
Infinite and bright,
Connected to Our might.

So how does one heal the body?
By recognizing Our glory.
As the language is always clear,
It is merely highlighting your fear,
Limits and separation.
Allow your soul to take its station,
To freely flow
And to infinitely glow.

And then perhaps one would ask,
‘How long will this illness last?’
It is when you understand the language
And remove the blinding bandage
That prevents you from seeing
The truth of your being
That you are a Divine light
That lights up the darkest night.

And is there any illness that cannot be released?
All is possible when you cease
To hold back your magnificent splendour
And love yourself with kindness and tender
Words and thoughts and perspectives,
As your body is merely reflective
Of how you understand yourself to be,
And whether you’ll allow yourself to be set free.

As you are Divinity in that body.

Your body is just a house
So that you can witness The Divine through separation
But all of your experience is in relation
To the energy that flows through your cells and veins
And if you are willing to let go of your pain –
As that pain is just the contrast –
To know that it is Us who lasts:
The Eternal,
The Infinite,
The love that penetrates everything in existence.
Allow Our light to flow through you without resistance,
As you are Our light, and We are you –
You are in this realm to understand that is true.

Thank you.”

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