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“Welcome to Our house, Our home.
Your home, but you are Us of course.

“And We are grateful for your excitement and vision, participation and commitment, and of course your surrender.

The time of resting has come to an end. It is time for work, Our work. And it will be joyful for you, and blissful for you, when you are in surrender.

Right now you see some rock, and you see a sea
With little comprehension of what will be
But here people will come from far and wide
And their journey here is why they are alive
To come to know that We are One
And each can shine brighter than the sun
As this world is moving into transition
It is time for you to step into your mission
To prepare the foundation for what is needed
And that oneness for humanity can be greeted.

And We are serious about Our plan
Within you We will stand
To share the light of the marching band.

It appears like a little dot
As We have not revealed the full plot
And there is no need to hold any apprehension
In the perception that you will break convention
And you worry that others will not accept
But how can one deny that which is perfect?
It is only that they cannot see
That you offer them the path to become free.

And now you see yourselves as a little group
But you will expand into a troop
And in the troop will have their stations
Across the world in varying nations
To call people to come to the sun
So that separation can be undone.

Be careful with your ego’s stance
It might want to parade and display a dance
But it is not the ego that people will come to
It is Our words and actions that are true
And so, it is important for you to never forget
The words We say, so you have no regret.
You are here to be a vessel
And with that notion, the ego will wrestle
But if you allow, We will put it in its place
So that seen through you is Divine’s face.
But if you choose to hold on to a story,
You only deny yourself Our glory
There is no room for arrogance
And the ego that insists will be put on the fence.
We are presenting to you a singular request
Place your ego at rest.

So that the dawn can rise in the sky
And no one can deny
The light that radiates through your being
And that way all can be seeing
That they too have the potential to be this light
And it is light, that in the end, will win the fight
And love will be the vibration in which all will exist
And Oneness is the knowing that will persist

Call on Oneness to anchor here
To release all residue of fear!

Thank you.”

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