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“It starts as a small sanctuary
But it will be the way people will live.
You don’t need to convince anyone of it: for every person who rejects it, a thousand will come running.

It is time.

There is a little dot on the earth
Where light has been anchored for the giving of birth
And from far and wide they will run,
Trying to come closer to this sun,
Unsure what it is that draws them
But staying away from it gnaws at them.
They are tired of being alone
With their hearts shielded with stone.
And they run to this land by the sea
So that with their own eyes they can see
That there is no such thing as just ‘me’ –
Everything is part of the ‘We.’

And in this Oneness they will float
And around their hearts, no longer a moat
To protect them from experiencing the flow,
And out of their skins, they will glow.

And then, as more of them gather,
Barriers of the world start to shatter
And consciousness starts to rise.
Separation will have its demise
And the wars will not be for protection,
They will be to live in this perfection,
Led by the warriors of light.
But they don’t need to fight,
They just need to be,
So that all may see
A reflection of Us and Our glory.

Now you think it is a dot,
Unable to see the full plot,
But We light the torch of this sun
So that the past will be undone
For a world that has no fear
And no sadness or tears,
Except those that come from your awe
In glorification of what you saw.

Thank you.”

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